the drop.

the drop.

*This was supposed to be posted yesterday but you'll see it when the site is live. 

Currently playing Under Ground Kings by Drake at 4am (I don't know what it is but that old drake was hungry and that's my current state of mind). Site drops in a couple hours. For months, I've put my heart, soul, and time into building my brand, driven by a hunger. But amidst the hustle and grind, the voice of doubt started to creep in, fears of failure and obscurity. What if all this effort amounted to nothing? What if my work went unnoticed, unappreciated, unclaimed?

I immediately thought in clarity that this journey wasn't about instant gratification or overnight success. It was about resilience, dedication, and overall the "why". Since November, I've invested countless hours into building my brand, cultivating a sense of purpose that exceeds more than just sales. Even if I only got one sale that's one real mf that went out they way to purchase (which I really appreciate deeply) when they didn't have to.

My professor told me something I won't forget which she said "Whatever you do, put your work out there; good or bad. If you KNOW you'll improve why not publish? As far as the audience, it'll come just create." and it stuck with me throughout this whole process. 

Also, what better time to drop than on my birthday. Twenty-one with a whole lotta fun yu digg! But all seriousness, the road ahead may be uncertain but one thing for sure is always taking that leap of faith, staying consistent, fulfilling your purpose, and overall creating.

Here's to new beginnings, longevity, chasing dreams, and blessings. As I press play on this next chapter of my journey, I invite you to join me, to explore, to create, and to celebrate the magic of possibility. In the end, it's not about the destination—it's about the journey, the process; and the moments of growth we discover along the way.

Luv yall deeply, 

- sznium🖤