a new beginning.

a new beginning.

Alexa, play "FURTHEST THING OUTRO BY DRAKE", that's how I'm feeling right now. Again, it's one of those late AM talks but this is where I just speak my mind on what's been going on in my personal life/world. I meant to make a post before the new year but other stuff was in the way. One thing I want to say is HAPPY NEW YEARS, MANY BLESSINGS N OPPORTUNITIES. 2023 was a year I created "SZNIUM", turned a thought into reality. Started making small creations and posters for fun until I got one comment specifically (shoutout bro) that said "Yo not gon lie, I just moved to a dorm and I want one of your posters on my wall". At first I just thought that's cool nun much to think about, then I got multiple dms about it and it made me think "I can really monetize off my craft". So during the summer, I LOCKED IN. In the midst of dropping the posters back to back I was creating a website, buying samples, networking, etc. I didn't know much about entrepreneurship but I said why not.

Fast forward to November, bought a domain, had the perfect dimensions and size for the posters ready, finalizing portfolio, everything was going well until a big setback hit me. Writer's block was kicking in, started to become inconsistent with making posters, etc. When I dropped the Hardrock and Veeze posters I felt they we're rushed, didn't put my best effort in so I took a month break just to clear my head. Went out my environment completely, and it was the best thing I could've done. Now it's December, dropped the Anycia poster and I felt good. It was like I had a spark I couldn't let go, momentum and the consistency came back. And before the new year, I had to cook. I dropped that Giovanna poster, and it went CRAZY. Ima be honest, this was the first time I spent money on ads but ONLY $20 (anyone who uses IG ads knows that's not much traction/followers). I'm not sure if a fan page saw it or a close friend of hers but that is my biggest post till this day. I also hit my goal, 200 followers before the new year. Everything was aligning, and I'm beyond grateful for all the good and bad. 

The website, products, emails, marketing is on 80% and it may seem like I'm holding back but I promise you, I want to make the first drop a good one. This is Kobe year, I'm writing this @5am no sleep; it'll all be worth it in the end. Alright I'm yappin but

Luv yall, 

- sznium🖤